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General Terms and Conditionsngungene

  1. Onedriving lesson lasts 45 minutes and consists of: welcome, orientation, practicechem          Fahrunterricht, Schlussbesprechung und neuer Appointment finding.      

  2. Cancellations: Agreed driving lessons must be canceled at least 48 hours and 2 working days (Sundays and public holidays do not apply) in advance, otherwise they will be charged. A cancellation by SMS or e-mail is only accepted if this is confirmed by us. This is because learner drivers have repeatedly sent an SMS to the wrong number or an email to the wrong address. Late arrival or late cancellation of agreed appointments are at the expense of the learner driver. Regardless of the reason for the cancellation. In the event of illness, the medical certificate must be submitted within 48 hours.

  3. The FAHRSCHULE GOLDIN reserves the right to end an apprenticeship at any time. ThisThe law also applies to the learner driver. 

  4. The students undertake to appear in a sober state for the driving lesson. If you show up under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the driving lesson will be canceled and you will be charged.

  5. Unused driving lessons will be refunded. This does not apply to vouchers.The validity of a subscription ends after 2 years.

  6. The FAHRSCHULE GOLDIN reserves the right to make price changes.

  7. The learner drivers undertake to always bring their learner driving license with them during the driving lessons. 

  8. Changes of address and new telephone numbers must be reported to FAHRSCHULE GOLDIN immediately.

  9. If the learner driver's license is withdrawn from the learner driver, they must inform the FAHRSCHULE GOLDIN immediately.

  10. Fines caused by the fault of the learner driver can be charged to the student.


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